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In January 2013, Christy Shields received a research grant from the CIGC to undertake ethnographic research focused on the elaboration and use of Comté's "Wheel of Aromas" as well as the related “jury terroir” (terroir tasting panels). Learn more about Christy's research ...



Le Comité Interprofessionnel du Gruyère de Comté


Observatoire Cniel des habitudes Alimentaires

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In the Classroom

In the classroom

Before traveling to the Jura, Professor Shields guides participants through an examination of past and present French and American food practices, discourses, ideas, and values.  Participants also develop a reflexive and critical approach to the study of French food culture, making use of such tools as the field journal throughout the program.

These classroom sessions take place at the American University of Paris, where students explore food culture in this historic city.

In the classroom we:

We then travel to the Jura to better understand the notion of “terroir”, and the centrality of taste and place to this concept.

Participant Learning Goals:

Student Work

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